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Baby Miscarriage Memorial Frame

Baby Miscarriage Memorial Frame

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If you're searching for a meaningful gift to support a grandparent or parent who has experienced the loss of their child, our Lumenglass message stand is a heartfelt choice.

Crafted with 3.5" square (85mm) rounded smooth edges and 1/4" thick Lumenglass (6mm), this message stand is a beautiful way to display a personalized message or image, serving as a lasting reminder of the love and memories they hold for their little one. The permanent print on the Lumenglass looks stunning, and it can be placed on a sideboard, desk, or bedside where they can see it every day.

Simple to fit with a peg stand and packaged in a gift box, this is a present that shows your love and support during a difficult time. You can personalize the message stand with their baby's name and date of death, and the message on the stand reads, "and to think the first thing you saw when you opened your tiny little eyes was the face of Jesus."

Our Lumenglass message stand is a thoughtful way to offer comfort and support, reminding them that their child is forever cherished and loved. We understand the importance of honoring their memory and keeping their little one close to their heart.

Choose our Lumenglass message stand as a heartfelt gift, and let us help you create a lasting reminder of their precious little one, a beautiful way to honor their memory and provide comfort during a difficult time.

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