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Congrats Graduation Truffle Box - Assorted Flavors in Blue-themed Keepsake Tin

Congrats Graduation Truffle Box - Assorted Flavors in Blue-themed Keepsake Tin

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 Celebrate the remarkable achievement of graduation with our Congrats Grad Truffle Box. This delightful collection features an assortment of 12 gourmet truffles, thoughtfully crafted to honor this significant milestone. Encased in a beautiful keepsake tin, the lid showcases a graduation cap and diploma against a vibrant blue background, adorned with the word "Congrats" in elegant lettering.

Experience a symphony of flavors as you indulge in our exquisite truffle selection. Each truffle is expertly handcrafted using premium ingredients, delivering an explosion of taste and texture. From luscious milk chocolate to velvety caramel, rich dark chocolate to zesty raspberry, our truffle box offers an array of indulgent flavors to delight the senses.

The keepsake tin adds an extra touch of charm and serves as a lasting memento of the graduate's accomplishments. Beyond the celebration, the tin can be cherished as a treasured keepsake, symbolizing the hard work, dedication, and success that comes with earning a diploma.

Our artisan truffles have been manufactured by the same New England family since 1915 using traditional recipes to deliver a truly amazing truffle. Using only the finest ingredients such as cocoa butter and ethically sourced cocoa our truffle packages are sure to deliver the perfect taste and texture even to the most discerning of palates.

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